Abhyanga Treatment

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A Weight Loss and Detox Massage

60-minute basic treatment | $120
75-minute treatment includes F.I.R. Sauna | $150
90-minute deluxe treatment includes F.I.R. Sauna and weight loss stimulation | $175
Additional oils and restorative treatments can be added at an additional cost

The Abhyanga massage is an Ayurvedic therapy done with a warm oil specifically selected to balance your dosha or constitution. You receive a dosha test prior to the treatment to determine your specific needs. This treatment is done on a massage table, first with dry brushing to remove dry, flaking skin and then the selected oil is applied with long up and down strokes over the limbs and gentle circular strokes over joints, chest and abdomen followed by hot stone massage in the same pattern. We finish the treatment with some head and face massage for a truly blissful experience. This technique allows the body to re-tune itself by improving circulation and lubrication; it strengthens and tones the muscles and joints; releases deep-seated toxins for elimination from the body; keeps skin supple, moisturized and nourished; balances the emotions and keeps the mind calm, focused and alert; and, increases energy throughout the day and promotes sound sleep at night. For a complete detoxifcation you may add a FIR Sauna treatment and for weight loss, muscle stimulation and friction technique, which can be done all over the body or just to target specific areas.

To schedule an appointment, contact Denise Galon at 212-254-4067 or divadtg@aol.com. Please view our cancellation policy.

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